Monday, 22 April 2013


A to Z Challenge – travels round Leicester with my camera No 19.

I’ve had a busy few days and didn’t manage to get the photos I had planned for ‘S’ so I hope I’m forgiven for using some I had already. These particular sculptures are all of woman – so now I’ll have think up something else for ‘W’. Actually I have an idea as long as I can get the shots in time, so fingers crossed I make it to ‘Z’. Nearly there.

The pictures are:

The Leicester Seamstress, Hotel Street, 1990. Bronze sculpture by James Walter Butler. The statue represents a life-sized seated eighteenth-century hosiery worker sewing the seam of a stocking.

Carved relief, possibly of Venus. Hawthorn Building, De Montfort University Campus. Sculptor, Percy Brown, 1937.

Two crouching figures, Portland Building, De Montfort University Campus. 1888.

Two figurative relief panels representing Commerce and Agriculture. Former Peres Bank, St Martins, 1900-1. Sculptor, Charles John Allen.

Figure of St Catherine, Leicester Cathedral.

Terpsichore, General News Room Building, Granby Street, 1898. Designer and modeller, E. Caldwell Spruce.

Niche figure representing Astronomy. Also from the General News Room Building.


  1. I always think of the time involved when I see sculptures like this. Amazing.

  2. I am really getting into sculpture, after seeing some fantastic ones at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.

    I particularly like the two crouching figures. :-)

  3. The Leicester Seamstress is my favourite here. It is lovely to see old crafts and industries recalled in this way.
    Ann (WritePhoto)