Friday, 18 April 2014

P is for Pharmacist

A-Z Challenge.

Random Sightings No 16.

Slight cheat today – apologies for that – as I've posted a picture of this before. It was a long time ago though. The sun is out and I should have been out with my camera taking pictures for the challenge but prior commitments have kept me indoors I'm afraid. Very frustrating.

So here's one from my travels round Leicester last year. It consists of a glazed tiled advertisement for 'headache drink Sea Breeze' with a depiction of a medieval alchemist above. It was part of a shop premises built for TE Butler, Son and Co., Chemists; dating from 1903 (although the business was established in 1840). The shop is situated on the corner of High Street and Cart's Lane. The building is Grade II listed.

I've a brief explanation of the listing of buildings here:

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  1. What a stunning set of tiles, Sally. Well worth a second posting. Fascinating to think adverts were considered long lasting enough to be fashioned from tiles rather than our screened or paper throw-away versions today.