Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A quiet corner

I thought it was about time I got my camera out again so I took it to the area around Leicester Castle. Despite being adjacent to the busy De Montfort University Campus, it forms a quiet little corner away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The normans built a motte and bailey castle in about 1068. Later the defences were rebuilt in stone and a Great Hall was added. Little remains of the original castle which fell into decline by the end of the fifteenth century. The gateway and walls shown below can still be seen and it is possible to climb up to the top of the castle mound. The Great Hall remained and was later used as a court house, though the present frontage was added in the seventeenth century. The nearby church of St Mary de Castro, was founded in the twelfth century as a collegiate chapel attached to the castle.

On a more personal note, the writing has been going well and I have now asked the members of my writing group if they will give my novel a read through and a few have agreed which is great as everyone is so busy. They always give a fair and honest critique so I await their comments with nervous trepidation.


  1. This is an interesting part of Leicester, I've been on a Blue Badge walking tour in and around that area.

    Glad to hear your novel is at the stage for a full read through, before you know it you'll be looking for an agent next! Exciting times ahead.

  2. Thanks Maria. I keep meaning to give one of the Blue Badge Tours a go but never manage to get round to it.

    As for exciting times ahead, I'll have to see what people think.