Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A post A-Z post

Some tulips from my garden.

So the A-Z Challenge is over and everyone who’s taken part deserves a big pat on the back. There have been some amazing blogs out there, I’m only sorry I didn’t manage to visit more. I can’t say I’m sorry the pressure is off but I think I must be suffering from withdrawal symptoms as I felt compelled to post again today. No buildings this time, although you haven’t seen the last of them. They are now officially an obsession of mine and they will be back.

As a relative newcomer to this blogging lark the A-Z has been a useful exercise. If nothing else it’s taught me to be concise. As a writer (or a would be writer) this is an important lesson. So I’ve vowed to keep things short and sweet. Less is more as they say.

While I’ve been out on my peregrinations taking pictures for the challenge, spring has arrived with a vengeance in my garden. Much as I’d like to get out and get to grips with the digging and pruning, I very stupidly managed to fall over and fracture a bone in my right hand.

It’s a real pain, both in the sense that it hurts and in that my left hand is quite pathetic at doing stuff. It’s been over a week now and I’m glad to say it’s getting better. I must say typing left handed certainly encourages one to be brief but I don’t recommend it as an editing tool.

Good luck to fellow Phoenix Writers members Maria and Wayne who are doing a 15K in May Challenge. You can follow their progress at and or Twitter (#15kinmay)


  1. What a cheerful picture for the first of May and at last we have sunshine to match. Sorry to hear of your accident. Not very helpful for a writer. Do hope you will keep showing more of these architectural delights. I am sure there you could write about them for a magazine or for local tourism. You have written so much detail as well as taking stunning pictures.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. There will be more 'architectural delights' but I have to catch up on the writing, the gardening, the walks in the country…

      And I daren't even mention the state of the house.

  2. sorry about your hand! ouch!
    pretty flowers and great pictures for a to z! underfoot was my fave!
    way to finish!

  3. A beautiful photo. Ouch about your hand :(

  4. Hello Sally, sorry to hear you are injured, I imagine all sorts of difficulties have arisen, but knowing you you'll adapt and soon be right again.

    The A to Z certainly was a challenge, and thank you for linking to the I5K in May too.

    I love those tulips!